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If you want to order books from Terra Incognita, you can send your message by mail or the orderform below.
If you order them from the Netherlands, you will receive the book(s) by mail with a giro card inviting payment for the book(s) and dispatch costs enclosed.
If you order from outside the Netherlands you will be kindly asked to pay first. We will give you the information you need.

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Het is geen kolonie, het is een wereld - Vrouwen bereizen en beschrijven Indië 1852 - 1912 As from Oct. 2003, € 12,50
Elisabeth van der Woude - Memorije van 't geen bij mijn tijt is voorgevallen € 13,50
Cornelis de Bruijn - Reizen over Moskovie € 13,00
Rijklof van Goens - Javaense Reyse eur 9,00

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